Carmine & Teal


Carmine & Teal

We’ve loved, loved LOVED working with this gorgeous Brisbane-based brand owned by super awesome human, Rachel Ron. Carmine & Teal help lovers of design express their unique sense of style with exclusive, beautiful, colourful, handcrafted creations from makers around the world all while using 100% Australian wool and fair trade practices!

Their insta feed is too gorgeous for words. If you're an interior lover like us and don't mind a bit of interior eye candy filling your feed, head on over to their profile and give them a wont regret it!

The low down

We’ve helped Carmine & Teal with…

  • Branding - We designed a simple logo that both speaks of and compliments their artisan, handmade rugs and have built up a range of print and digital assets to compliment the brand.

  • Social Media - We’ve worked with Carmine & Teal right from the very beginning of their insta-feed to ensure it remains cohesive and gorgeous the whole way through.

So head right over to for that inspiring goodness or check out their website at

Photo Credit : Villa Styling for styled interior photography