Port Lincoln Bakery


Port Lincoln Bakery

Previously known as Hage’s Bakehouse - Mark Taylor, Letitia MacCuspie and Jaclyn Hage thought it was time for a rebrand and so contacted us to help realise their vision. Port Lincoln Bakery is responsible for the MOST amazing donuts and yummy baked creations here in our home town. Seriously who can resist one of their weekly themed donuts?

We created an illustrative logo mark to showcase the variety on offer at Port Lincoln Bakery and then paired it with a soft, rounded font as a reference to the form of dough while the colour palette draws on golden wheat colours!


We helped Port Lincoln Bakery with:

  • Branding - we designed a gorgeous new identity that included a primary logo design along with complementary submarks so we could have fun & flexibility when it came to application!

  • Signage - Storefront & vehicle design mockups were designed to bring brand consistency and give the bakery team a clear vision for how their brand would apply to different applications. This was super useful for them for briefing in sign writers and also for choosing paint colours to give the exterior a spruce-up!

Head on over to Port Lincoln Bakery’s facebook page to see what the donut of the week will be… this is NOT to be missed! www.facebook.com/portlincolnbakery

Photo Credit : Port Lincoln Bakery for delish donut images